Jimmy Carter Believes NSA Is Spying On His Emails

Former President Jimmy Carter believes the National Security Agency, abbreviated to the NSA, is spying on his email.

According to the Huffington Post, Jimmy Carter favors old-fashioned snail mail when communicating with foreign officials. This was explained during an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell during Meet the Press. Jimmy Carter said this on the show:

[The justification for surveillance] has been extremely liberalized and, I think, abused by our own intelligence agencies. As a matter of fact, you know, I have felt that my own communications are probably monitored. And when I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the post office, and mail it.

Andrea Mitchell made sure to summarize by saying, “Old fashioned snail mail.” in which Jimmy Carter responded:

Yeah. Because I believe if I send an email it will be monitored.

Jimmy Carter then expressed his support for Edward Snowden, the former government contractor who leaked documents on the NSA’s controversial surveillance and spying programs. Jimmy then stated the following:

He’s obviously violated the laws of America, for which he’s responsible, but I think the invasion of human rights and American privacy has gone too far. I think that the secrecy that has been surrounding this invasion of privacy has been excessive, so I think that the bringing of it to the public notice has probably been, in the long term, beneficial.

As a matter of fact, the issues surrounding the NSA, and their “big brother” programs, have been a major highlight in many discussions by Mark Dice. The NSA is said to monitor almost everything, especially if it’s through electrical transmission. This includes cell phone calls, text messages, emails, credit card transactions, and anything else of that same nature. No wonder Jimmy is afraid of email.

Jimmy Carter also added that President Obama doesn’t ask for his advice on the matters of foreign policy. According to a report on CNN, this is what Jimmy had to say about giving advice to the current president:

“President Obama doesn’t, but previously presidents have called on me.”

“I think the problem was that – in dealing with the issue of peace in between Israel and Egypt – the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And I think this was a sensitive area in which the President didn’t want to be involved.”

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