Megacon 2014 Photos: Assassin’s Creed, Attack On Titan, And Star Wars The Most Popular

The Megacon 2014 photos and videos have been flooding in from all over the internet as the weekend event just came to a close. So let’s take a look at what there was to see…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, actor Ryan Frye would love to have a role in the Assassin’s Creed movie, or at least one of the eventual sequels. In the past he’s done amazing cosplay photo shoots as Edward Kenway of AC 4: Black Flag.

Amazingly, the first person we ran into when we stepped into the south concourse of the Orlando Convention Center happened to be Mr. Frye. He was wrapping up an interview with a local TV station but we had a chance to talk a few minutes before he was swamped by the inevitable deluge of photo requests. Lately he’s been visiting all the major conventions, including Wizard Con, and had been the featured cosplayer for local newspapers like the Orlando Sentinel. All in all, he was enjoying his Megacon 2014 weekend but later on during Sunday he swapped out into more regular clothing as to avoid all the attention.

As everyone knows there’s always a huge selection of photo opportunities every year. I’ve picked out some of my choice cosplay costumes that either represented the favorites like Assassin’s Creed and Thor, but I also focused on more original entries. So let’s see those Megacon 2014 photos:

Compared to previous years, Megacon 2014 seemed to have more Star Wars fans this time around. Perhaps it’s due to the impending release of Star Wars 7? The Boba Fett movie being developed might also explain the seeming increase of that favorite Star Wars character. In contrast to last year, I did not see any Trekkies out and about, although that’s not too surprising since last year featured the Next Generation crew.

The trends in anime seem to have shifted, with the new fan favorite being Attack On Titan, which has just begun to have an English dub released in the US. Most of the cosplayers dressed as soldier tended to be women, even when the character were men like Levi (honestly, the girls do a better job than the guys with Levi). All of the titans lumbering around were guys, with not a single female titan in sight. Still, the one photo I decided to upload related to Attack On Titan was a guy who had the full gear, with functioning replaceable sword blades.

When it comes to video games I’d say League of Legends seemed to be one of the favorites. There was of course many a Master Chief menacing the halls in their Mjolinir armor, but they were actually outnumbered greatly by a number of women playing Jinx.

What do you think about the Megacon 2014 photos? Do you think the convention was as good previous years?