John Legend Says Beyonce and Jay-Z Make Marriage Look 'Cool'

John Legend's marriage to model Chrissy Teigen is pretty neat, but Legend believes its another celebrity couple that really deserves headlines.

In a recent interview, John spoke about the marriage of Jay-Z and Beyond and said that the pair simply make the institution of marriage "look cool."

Talking with BANG Showbiz, John showed his admiration for both hip-hop star stars.

"I loved it. I like seeing them display their love for the whole world to see. It makes me feel like I`m cool being married. We can be married and cool at the same time." Legend told the website.
John Legend added that he especially loved seeing the two perform together because they are usually so guarded. Legend said that it was a rush to see them actually together and clearly in love.

John clearly has quite a bit of respect for Jay-Z and Beyonce, considering he went out of his way to perform recently with the woman most recognize as the queen of hip hop these days. The fact that Legend is friends with the couple and still finds their rare displays of affection, cool says a lot about all of them.

In stark contrast is the way John and Chrissy are often showing their affection towards each other in public. The couple have broadcast a number of social media videos in which they are clearly comfortable in their own skin and obviously in love with one another.

AZCentral pointed out that Legend even featured his gorgeous wife in his music video for his love ballad, "All Of Me."

John also talked about putting his wife front and center for the music video, making it clear the pair aren't shy about showing their affection for one another.

'We're not too shy when the moment's right, displaying our love for people. Particularly with that song it only made sense for her to be the woman in the video, because of how honest and real the song is. We felt we should shoot a video that reflected who we are as a couple.''
Earlier this month John talked about his songs and how he's very aware the lyrics of one of his songs can have. Legend is especially aware of the rumors that can be started by them. The singer pointed to that is the main reason he doesn't write sad songs. He doesn't want rumors about his relationship with Teigen to get started.

We think John Legend and Chrissy Teigen make marriage look pretty cool too.