12-Year-Old Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery Due To Medically Induced Obesity

Alexis Shaprio, a 12-year-old girl from Cibolo, Texas, is now recovering after she underwent weight loss surgery, something that she suffers from due to a rare case of medically induced obesity.

Shapiro’s weight was in excess of 200 pounds. The 4-foot-7-inch girl started to suffer from this condition around two years ago after complications arose during brain surgery to remove a tumor.

While she underwent the procedure damage was caused to her pituitary gland, the part of the brain that signals hunger, and also regulates weight, appetite and moods. This then saw Alexis gain around 140 pounds in just 24 months, and experts believe that without her surgery she would have continued to amass a further 2 pounds per week.

The operation saw the surgical removal of a portion of Alexis’ stomach. The family had previously organised various charity events to help raise the $55,000 required for the life-saving gastric bypass surgery.

Alexis was finally able to undergo the procedure on Friday, after several months of waiting. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing, as doctors had originally decided to perform both the vagotomy, which is the removal of part of the vagus nerve, and gastric bypass surgeries in one fail swoop. Surgeons had to reportedly change their plans half-way through the operation though as complications arose.

Hospital officials at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, released a number of live tweets informing those interested of Alexis’ condition. They made it clear that because her live was larger and fattier than expected, doctors decided to perform a sleeve gastrectomy which is “still expected to help [Alexis] lose weight.”

You can check out some of their tweets below:

Alexis is expected to remain in hospital for around a week, and she will then return to Texas in around fourteen days.

Last year, Alexis’ mother, Jenny, told Fox News, “It’s continued to get harder and harder. Every day there’s something new that she can’t do. She’s hurting. She’s uncomfortable. It’s just a struggle.”