Selena Gomez Totally TOPLESS Cell Phone Picture Leaks: Hoax Or Not?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have dominated the media over the past few weeks. From his distasteful deposition behavior, to her knocking back drinks just weeks after rehab, its no secret that the media loves to keep tabs on the famed on-again off-again couple.

Now, it appears the pop princess is back in the news yet again. According to eBuzzd, a new picture of the 21-year-old singer has surfaced on the Web. The publication alleges that the racy, topless image is an authentic picture leaked from Gomez’s cell phone.

The publication even went so far as to point out credible facts about the image in comparison to a previous picture of the singer in an effort to prove its authenticity. Ebuzzd claims that the towel and bracelet that can be seen in the photo were in another picture of Gomez, as well.

However, while Gomez has yet to respond to the newly leaked picture, an insider close to the Stars Dance singer has reportedly spoken with the publication, confirming that the picture is real. “My stomach just dropped when I first seen the image leaked. I’m not sure how Justin will take this — it’s just unwanted attention for Selena right now.”

The alleged source went on to explain that the picture was taken by a “good friend” of the singer’s during her last split from the Biebs.

“After the initial panic, my first reaction was to go straight to my phone and call Selena,” our source explained. “She is devastated and hopes that this doesn’t hurt her and Justin’s relationship.” The source added, “This isn’t like Selena — someone is trying to hurt her by releasing this photo.”

Ebuzzd also posted the jaw-dropping image via Twitter.

What happened to the innocent little Disney actor? Sheesh…kids these days.

— eBuzzd (@eBuzzd) March 22, 2014

While some may find the alleged details to be believable, here’s why you should question the picture: Ebuzzd is a popular, satire website with a reputation of publishing stories for comical purposes. The publication is also responsible for several hoax stories, including the most recent, viral hoax about Pawn Stars reality TV star Austin “Chumlee” Russell’s alleged death. This is the same site that reported Gomez was pregnant with twins for Bieber a few weeks ago – yet another hoax.

The story was also published just days after Gomez caused a media firestorm with the evasively nude curtain picture she posted on Instagram. The media ran with the racy image, posing the question of whether or not the “Beauty and the Beat” singer was the person who took the picture. However, the speculation has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Its probably safe to say the Instagram picture prompted the eBuzzd story. Do you believe the topless picture of Selena Gomez is real? Yes or no?

Image via Bing