Taco Bell Breakfast Menu Arrives On March 27, So Here Are Some Early Reviews

Taco Bell is extremely busy spreading the good word about its upcoming breakfast menu. The new items are presently expected to arrive around the United States on March 27. Adventurous eaters should probably begin preparing their stomachs for the onslaught now.

Although Taco Bell wants tons of patrons to spend their cash on Waffle Tacos and Cinnabon Delights, the question remains: Are these items worth the money? Will they destroy your taste buds and rot your internal organs? According to a few early reviews, Taco Bell fanatics should thoroughly enjoy the new culinary experience. For the most part, anyway.

The folks over at Business Insider recently put the new items to the proverbial test. While writer Ashley Lutz believes the Cinnabon Delights are a little too sweet to eat by yourself, Taco Bell seems to have scored a major hit with the other offerings.

“In general, we liked the taste of the Waffle Taco. The waffle itself is savory, so definitely add syrup if you want the sweetness. The egg-to-waffle-to-sausage ratio was perfect. No one flavor dominated the experience, and they melded together nicely,” Lutz explained.

However, Ashley seemed to enjoy the A.M. Crunchwrap most of all. The review continued, “The result? Delicious. This mix of flavors was consistent throughout, thanks to the quesadilla-like format. You never end up with a bite of just egg, hashbrown, or cheese that you might get with a breakfast burrito.”

The New York Daily News sent someone out to review the latest additions to the Taco Bell menu as well. Jeanette Settembre wasn’t overly impressed with the Waffle Taco, though she seemed absolutely smitten with the A.M. Crunchwrap.

“It not only passed the one-handed breakfast test — the standard by which all fast food meals must, apparently, be judged nowadays — but its hash brown filling provided a nice crispy texture,” she explained in her write-up.

The Huffington Post also sang the A.M. Crunchwrap’s praises in their evaluation of the new breakfast menu. However, the website noted that the publicity photos are a little different from the items Taco Bell actually serves its customers.

Here’s what Andy Campbell had to say about the Waffle Taco:

“It doesn’t taste terrible. But its greasy mouthfeel of egg, sausage, spongy ‘waffle,’ cheese and syrup isn’t unlike that of McDonald’s McGriddle sandwich. This is one that everyone will try because it’s hilarious to tell your friends about, but it won’t hold up on the fast-food market like the delicious Doritos Locos Tacos did.”

Of course, Taco Bell is hoping folks will try the new menu items for themselves. Head to the location in your neighborhood on March 27 if you’re craving something a little different for breakfast.

[Image via Taylor Strategy]