David Guetta Divorce: French DJ Ends Marriage After 24 Years

David Guetta recently shocked fans by getting a divorce from his wife of 24 years.

Although the French DJ tied the knot with Cathy over two decades ago, apparently the two could no longer make the relationship work. According to TMZ, Guetta and his wife decided to end the marriage after two dozen years together.

Unfortunately for those who love juicy details about celebrity divorces, there isn’t too much information about the breakup floating around the internet as of this writing. In fact, neither David Guetta nor Cathy has publicly commented on the matter just yet.

The Mirror reports that the DJ and his bride originally met at a nightclub back in 1990. Once the two discovered they had a certain chemistry, they decided to tie the knot later that year. The publication also points out that David and Cathy renewed their vows back in 2012.

Guetta’s marriage was reportedly ended in a Paris court not too long ago. However, the couple didn’t attend the hearing since they’re busy with their respective projects and commitments in the United States. The couple has two children together, though it’s unknown who will have primary custody of the kids.

However, it’s clear that the divorce isn’t slowing David Guetta down when it comes to churning out new music. The Inquisitr previously reported that the French DJ recently released the new single “Bad,” a track that suggests his new album will adopt a slightly different sound.

Regrettably for fans, there’s not too much info about the new record available on the internet at the moment. However, Daft Punk producer Giorgio Moroder previously explained that he’s collaborating with Guetta on the new album.

“I cannot mention the name now because the contracts are not signed, but I’m going to work in the next few days with a very great singer. It’s one of my all-time favorite singers,” the producer recently explained.

Moroder added, “In fact I started to work a little bit with David Guetta. So… do you know? It’s difficult to answer the rumors, but… maybe. Maybe. I don’t know.”

If David intends to release a new album later this year, then he hasn’t settled on a release date just yet. Since the guy recently dropped a new single on the masses, there’s a possibility the new music could arrive in the next few months.

Are you surprised that French DJ David Guetta divorced his wife Cathy after 24 years of marriage?

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]