Rick Ross To Give Advice Like A Boss For 'Rolling Stone'

Rick Ross wants to help make your life a little better. No, really.

In what is possibly one of the oddest celebrity news stories of the week, Ross was recently tapped by the folks at Rolling Stone to provide a column. Instead of dishing about the music industry or his success as a Wingstop franchise owner, he's heading in an unexpected direction.

Vibe reports that Rick Ross will put together an advice column for the publication at some point in the near future. Unfortunately for those who desperately need some answers to life's toughest questions right now, it's unclear when Ross will debut his first piece. However, apparently this is something that's actually going to happen.

Folks who decide to seek advice from Rick Ross don't have to limit their questions to one particular topic. The rapper is ready and willing to tackle a number of different subjects, so feel free to ask him just about anything. Rolling Stone seems to think the guy will address whatever's on your mind.

"Coworkers driving you crazy? Relationship trouble got you down? Don't wait any longer -- get some advice from a certified boss," the website explains.

If you have a burning question for Rick Ross, then you need only to send the guy an email courtesy of Rolling Stone. Who knows -- your question could make it into "Ask a Boss With Rick Ross" when it finally makes it finally premieres. Swing by the magazine's official website to see how you can shoot an inquiry to the rapper.

People who want to dip their toes in the world of franchise ownership should definitely consider bending the rapper's ear. Rick Ross owns several successful Wingstop locations in the US. In fact, the guy is getting ready to open a few more restaurants in the very near future.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Rick Ross decided to purchase a Wingstop restaurant after discovering the company's extremely tasty lemon pepper chicken. The guy loves the stuff so much that it frequently makes its way into his songs.

"I told myself, 'Once the opportunity presents itself I'm gonna get one (Wing Stop) just for my personal (use). I jumped in head first and now we've got multiple franchises. Right now, I'm in the middle of a 25-additional franchise deal," he explained.

What do you think about Rick Ross starting an advice column with Rolling Stone? Will you seek the rapper's help with your own personal problems?

[Image via Def Jam]