Piers Morgan Went Looking For A Fight On Twitter

Piers Morgan is seeing his career with CNN come to an end, and he apparently wants to go out swinging.

Morgan has had a long standing feud with BBC 2 presenter Jeremy Clarkson and Piers took to Twitter to challenge the TV man to a boxing match.

The feud between Clarkson and Morgan has been brewing for quite some time. The Daily Mail reports it likely first started when Piers was an editor of a tabloid newspaper.

During his time there, the talk show host posted photos of Clarkson getting quite cozy with a coworker, despite denials by Jeremy of any wrong doing.

Years later, the New York Daily News points out that Clarkson actually hit the CNN celebrity in the face during an awards show.

The feud has come to a head with Morgan making it very public by challenging the other man to a celebrity boxing match.

For his part, Clarkson isn't interested in taking on Piers as he tweeted back that he wasn't going to do it but he thought there were plenty of people in the British Army who would be willing to take his place.

Eventually, the BBC2 star decided he wanted to put an end to the back and forth once and for all and posted that he was far too busy. His final parting shot was that he had work to do and he wanted to be left alone.

The CNN star's final attempt to lure Jeremy into a boxing match was an out and out taunt as he posted back a simple "cluck cluck cluck."

The feud has taken violent and verbally abusive tones over the last few years as neither man seems likely to bury the hatchet anytime soon. It should be pointed out that Morgan has been on the attacking end of the disagreement more often than not.

Not long ago, Piers made it known he felt his rival was nothing more than a "pot-bellied, rotten-toothed, f**-stinking oaf."

It doesn't appear the anger the talk show presenters hold towards one another is going to go away anytime soon, especially if Piers Morgan continues fanning the flames on Twitter.

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