Elephants Escape From Missouri Circus, Damage Two Vehicles

Three elephants escaped from a Missouri circus on Saturday and then wreaked havoc across a parking lot, damaging two cars in the process.

It’s believed that handlers lost control of the animals, who then managed to escape for several minutes before they were finally recaptured. Two cars were damaged in the rampage, which took place during a performance at around 5pm.

However, the creatures only roamed through an area of the parking lot where circus employees’ cars were parked.

KMOV have since reported that the three illusive elephants in question were all female, and that they had managed to briefly taste the sweet smell of freedom from the children’s ride section of the Moolah Shrine Circus in Missouri. Moolah are currently showcasing their skills at the Family Arena in St. Charles.

A witness to the ordeal, Sally Schmiz, explained, “Things started shaking, [and] when I looked up I saw three elephants coming towards us.” She then added, “These huge elephants literally went through RVs. Then they went through two-trucks, breaking mirrors and panels off and breaking the windows.”

It has since been confirmed that no one was injured in the incident, while Schmiz noted, “Thank God no children were on top of them for rides, or adults too. You could tell they were upset.”

The President of Moolah Shriners Circus, Denni Kelley, stated, “The elephants were loose for a brief period. The handlers were able to occupy the animals and they are resting comfortably at this time.”

Kelley reiterated that while these are elephants that children can ride no infants were on top of them at the time they escaped. However, they haven’t released any further details explaining how the scenario played out.

Moolah have yet to confirm whether the elephants would be used in two shows that are planned for Sunday. However, Kelley confirmed that he expected them to return, as long as their trainers approve of their condition.

[Image via Johan Swanepoel/Shutterstock]