California Man Files Restraining Order Against Alleged 9-Year-Old Bully Tormenting His Son: Extreme or Not?

Bullying is a problem many children face and is often overlooked. However, one California father refuses to ignore his 9-year-old son’s suffering According to CBS Sacramento, Stephen Feuder has filed for a restraining order against the 9-year-old alleged bully.

Feuder spoke exclusively with the publication, recounting the incident that prompted his actions. He shared details of a physical altercation his son was involved in with the other child. “Apparently the little boy ran around the track, came back and punched my son in the face,” he said.

Following the altercation, he sought answers from the schools administration after his son complained of being “bullied, pushed around, and attacked at Rolling Hills Elementary School.” Unfortunately, the administration did nothing to assist Feuder with rectifying the problem.

He explained that he contacted the Fairfield-Suisun School District, as well. But, to no avail. Feuder stated that the school district “stonewalled him and refused to do anything about it.”

With no other options to exhaust, he filed the restraining order. “I’ve tried everything else, so why not that, and it was granted,” he said.

Daryl Snedeker of the Solano County Sheriff’s Department also weighed in on the first-of-its-kind restraining order. Snedeker said that he’s “never heard of a restraining order against a grade-school student.”

“Commonly for us, it’s a domestic violence situation,” he said. “Obviously this is a little different.” While it is, indeed, uncommon, there’s no rule to prohibit it.

“I guess as a parent, you have to do what you have to do,” he said.

However, there are some parents who feel Feuder’s actions were relatively extreme given the alleged bully’s age. Many of those who oppose his decision feel as if he’s “sending the wrong message.”

“What does that say? Every time you have a problem with somebody, you’re just going to file a restraining order against somebody? This is the real world,” said another parent Lacie Stover.

Feuder still feels that he was left with no other alternative. He expressed that he did what needed to be done in order to protect his child. While there’s still a possibility that the restraining order may be deemed null and void, Feuder is hoping that a judge adhere to his request.

Do you feel Feuder’s actions were extreme? Or, do you agree with him whole-heartedly?

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