Tyler Deutsch: Father Guilty Of Locking 6-Week-Old Daughter In Freezer Gets 16 Years

Tyler Deutsch, a 26-year-old Washington man was sentenced to 16 years in prison for locking his six-week-old daughter inside a freezer, ABC News reports.

Deutsch pleaded guilty to first-degree assault early this year for placing his daughter inside a 10-degree freezer. It was reported that he locked up his daughter to stop her from crying.

The daughter was allegedly beaten up by Tyler Deutsch prior to being locked up inside the freezer. According to Reuters, the infant daughter was only wearing diapers when she was placed by Deutsch inside the freezer.

Deutsch then proceeded to his bedroom where he took a nap for an hour.

The mother of the newborn infant, who caught Deutsch taking their daughter out of the freezer, called 911.

Officials say that Deutsch’s daughter suffered from a broken arm, a broken leg and a head injury. Her temperature went down to 85 degrees while inside the freezer. The infant has since recovered from her physical injuries.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist denounced Deutsch’s actions, which he described as “horrible and inexplicable”.

Twitter users were angered by the horrible crimes Tyler Deutsch committed but were satisfied with the ruling of the court.

One user, @AllThingsHLS, said:

Another user, @girllost22, said:

At @seattleparrot said:

@KevinKIRO just when I think I’ve heard of everything this one really blows!

— Janell【ツ】 (@seattleparrot) March 22, 2014

Tyler Deutsch was arrested last year by local officers, where he immediately admitted to putting his daughter in the freezer. He claimed to feel remorse for his actions, according to an Inquisitr report last year.

Deutch and his attorney haven’t released a statement to the press regarding the case and the ruling.

Another similar case of parental cruelty was recently reported here at the Inquisitr. Earlier this month, a father was charged with child cruelty and aggravated mayhem after he reportedly bit off his newborn son’s nose – all because he wouldn’t stop crying. Aside from the injured nose, the infant also suffered from a fractured skull. Police officers are still trying to determine how the head injury happened to the baby. The father, Joshua Lemar Cooper, pleaded not guilty to serious felony charges during his first appearance in court after his arrest Thursday.

What can you say about Deutsch’s case? Is 16 years in prison enough punishment for Tyler Deutsch?

[Image from Huffington Post]