DeSean Jackson Rumor: Wide Receiver Could Be Cut If Team Can’t Trade Him

DeSean Jackson is all but certain to leave the Philadelphia Eagles this season, but his destination remains unclear with rumors saying he could be traded to the Jets or Raiders or even be given an outright release.

Tensions between Jackson and the Eagles reached a breaking point this week, with the team seemingly unwilling to pay the $10.25 million base salary in 2014 and the wide receiver wanting out. Initial rumors centered on a trade, with the New York Jets seeming a likely destination.

Michael Vick, signed by the Jets this week, said he would welcome a reunion with DeSean Jackson.

“If there’s an opportunity to get DeSean, I’m pretty sure the New York Jets fans would be in favor of that,” Vick said. “But who knows, it takes a lot to make a trade happen (with) all of the intricacies of a contract. It’s not for us as players to decide. But hopefully everything will work out for DeSean. If he ends up in New York, we’ll be happy, just as happy as he will be. But who knows, you can’t say.”

The Jets are not the only team in the DeSean Jackson hunt. Reports say that the Raiders, who have already made some big offseason moves including a trade for quarterback Matt Schaub, are trying to swing a trade for the speedy wide receiver.

Wherever the destination, it is now clear that DeSean Jackson will play somewhere other than Philadelphia in 2014, even if it means the team has to cut him.

“Philly is trading him or cutting him,” the source told the New York Daily News. “That’s a fact. They don’t want him.”

DeSean Jackson caught 82 passes last season for a career-best 1,332 yards.