Pharrell Williams Wants To Bring A ‘Human Touch’ Back To Live Music

Pharrell Williams believes live music could use a little “human touch” these days.

The singer has received plenty of acclaim these days for his latest album G I R L. In fact, all the buzz surrounding his first solo album for Columbia Records helped the record debut at number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

When Williams decided to stop helping everyone else with their endeavors and devote time to his own career, the producer wanted to deliver something a little different from the stuff you hear on the radio these days. Instead of making yet another synthetic pop album, Pharrell decided to inject his songs with a little life.

According to the Hindustan Times, Pharrell Williams created tunes that are organic and alive. He also wanted to use G I R L as a counterbalance to his controversial collaboration with Robin Thicke.

“Musically, I just felt like live music was taking a bashing at one point of time. Everything just felt so quantized and synthetic. It was just missing the element of a human touch. When you listen to music of the old, you hear the musicianship and the musicality,” Williams explained.

He continued, “You would hear the humanity in it, and that made it interesting. I was like, man, I just want to sort of fuse some of those things together. It was really ironic.”

G I R L is definitely a much more accurate representation of who Pharrell Williams is and what he wants to offer the world. The singer’s 2006 effort All In My Mind found him tackling subjects that weren’t genuine or truthful. As a result, he’s not exactly proud of the record.

“Your own offering to the world should be a signature of who you are and what you’re up to, and I just hadn’t figured that out. The difference is, now I realize there’s something so much bigger than me. My music is so much bigger than me, and what I am,” Pharrell explained to The Guardian.

He added, “Some of the things I said on that record, all the bragging, it’s not necessary. It doesn’t say anything about you, apart from how shallow you are.”

Fortunately for Pharrell Williams, he was given the opportunity to right those wrongs on G I R L. Have you picked up a copy of the singer’s new record? How do you think the songs compare to those found on All In My Mind?