President Obama Approval Rating Is 30 Points Below Vladimir Putin

President Obama has seen his approval rating dip in the past two years as he pushed through a polarizing Obamacare program amid opposition, and now he has reached a new low — a rating 30 points lower than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine has angered the west and led to talk of a full-blown war, but within Russia the controversial president remains very popular. According to USA Today, a recent poll showed that 72 percent of Russians approve of the job Putin is doing, while in the United States only 41 percent of Americans approve of Barack Obama.

Brietbart’s John Nolte says the difference between Putin and Obama is stark.

“Putin’s actions in Ukraine might have been criminal but they were also decisive and successful,” he wrote. “On the other hand, whether it is ObamaCare, Ukraine, the Middle East, or the economy, everything Obama touches turns to chaos.”

Many others have taken note of the low approval rating, including Congressional Democrats. Reports say the group is growing increasingly worried that Obama’s continued unpopularity could hurt their re-election hopes in November.

“It is the area where presidents worry and they worry about midterm elections and that their popularity will affect the party and ultimately hurt his majority in the Congress,” said analyst John Fortier of the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Low approval ratings for Obama will mean an emboldened Republican Party, Fortier added.

“I think either way we are facing divided government for the rest of President Obama’s term and that means either a lot of conflict or an occasional issue where they can find some sort of compromise,” he said.

Despite the fact that President Obama has an approval rating 30 points below Vladimir Putin, not all polls bring bad news. While Obama has hit record lows in many polls, a new Bloomberg National Poll shows his approval rating at 48 percent — up from 43 percent in December.