ScHoolboy Q Recalls The First Time He Got High [Video]

ScHoolboy Q remembers the first time he got high. Unfortunately, it's not one of the rapper's fondest memories.

Although it sounds like a stereotype or a bad cliché, ScHoolboy Q spends a lot of time smoking weed. In fact, the rapper admits that he often gets high before properly starting the day. However, his first experience with pot wasn't exactly the greatest.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, ScHoolboy Q's first encounter with marijuana left him feeling more than a little nauseous. However, this didn't stop the guy from developing an appreciation for the stuff down the road.

"I threw up on the exhale, and I was so high just off that one hit. I was like, 'Why do y'all do this? Do y'all function like that?' Now that I smoke a lot, I would prefer to be high before I do anything," he explained during a recent interview.

Check out Schoolboy Q's weed-related revelation below.

While the rapper has a healthy relationship with weed, he apparently had a very serious addiction to prescription pills not too long ago. HipHopDX reports that ScHoolboy Q was extremely embarrassed to share his struggles with those around him.

"I was addicted for like two years and I would never tell nobody. Like none of my homies. I wouldn't tell my girl. I wouldn't [tell] my mother. Like nobody. TDE didn't know. The only n**** that knew was Ab-Soul. He was the only n**** [that knew]. Kendrick didn't know. I was his hype man. I was faded. It was crazy," he explained.

ScHoolboy Q added, "I was addicted to like Percocet and like xanies. One of your homies give you a pill. You say you can't go to sleep. You go to sleep off of it. You think it's amazing. You do it again and then the next thing you know it don't put you to sleep no more. It's like being super high. Like super off the trees. You know? So, you just keep doing it and then the next thing you know your body starts needing it."

Fortunately, the rapper was able to kick his addiction and move on with his life and career. Q has found plenty of success in recent days with his major label debut Oxymoron. The Inquisitr previously reported that the rapper's third effort debuted at the very top of the Billboard 200 albums chart earlier this month.

Are you a fan of ScHoolboy Q? What do you think about the rapper's first encounter with marijuana?

[Image via Acclaim]