Kate Bush Apologizes For "Inappropriate" Comeback Poster

Rahul Srinivas

Kate Bush, the talented British pop icon who recently announced her comeback concert after 35 years has been criticized for a promotional poster that shows herself being rescued from the sea, according to DailyTimes. In the poster which was released a few days ago, Kate Bush is seen looking up to the camera with her arms spread out, whilst wearing a life jacket in choppy seas.

Given the fact that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still underway, many people thought a poster of this nature by Kate Bush was inappropriate. Twitter and other social media platforms were rife with discussions pertaining to the comeback poster by Kate with some people standing by her and some others visibly upset over it. Then there were some others who dubbed it a marketing ploy and even a "conspiracy".

"Am I the only one who thinks that given the missing Malaysian plane, Kate Bush posing in a life jacket at sea is a little inappropriate?" said one Twitter user. One of the Tweets which was in her defense went like this; "She must have shot this pre-publicity photo before the Malaysian Airlines jet went missing, right?" Then there was another one that termed the criticism over the poster as "absurd". Here are some reactions from Twitter users.

— KDS (@KrisDeSouza) March 21, 2014

— Dennis myers (@Dennis92236478) March 22, 2014

— Steve (@LDNcabbie) March 21, 2014

Kate Bush shot to fame at the age of 19 with her hit, offbeat song 'Wuthering Heights'. She performed in live concerts after the fame but chose to stay away from live concerts after her last one in 1979. Recently, she announced her comeback with a series of 15 concerts titled "Before the Dawn," which are scheduled for late summer of 2014. All these concerts would be resident in nature since all of them would be set at a single venue - London's Hammersmith Apollo, the same venue where Kate had her last concert in 1979.

Do you really think the said poster featuring Kate Bush was in bad taste at this point of time?

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