Renee Oteri From ‘The Bachelor’ Doesn’t Need Juan Pablo

For the millions of viewers of The Bachelor, one fan favorite, Renee Oteri, has found her own happy ending. After months of filming, Renee has said that she felt like she was falling for bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis. It was no surprise that Renee was one of the final four contestants, and many were rooting for her. She was very caring and nurturing to the other conestants on the reality TV show. ABC News reported Oteri saying it was a natural instinct for her to care about the other women. This could be due to the fact that she is a single mom of an 8 year son named Ben. That was also a common bond between her and Juan Pablo, who is a single dad. Renee has said that her relationship with Juan Pablo was most likely affirmed by the fact that they are both single parents. Fans watched as their relationship grew stronger over the course of several weeks.

Things appeared hopeful for Renee as she was selected in the final four which meant Juan Pablo would visit her hometown and meet her family, including her son. But that excitement was short lived as she was sent home on that very same episode, when she was not offered a rose. As she said her tearful goodbye, she remained optimistic that she would find true love, and refused to speak badly about Juan Pablo. She was thankful for the experience and how it helped her to grow individually.

During the airing of The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Renee was interviewed and revealed that she was currently “in a situation.” That situation turned into a wedding on March 20, 2014. Oteri married her best friend of 22 years. revealed his identity as Bracy Maynard, and the fact that Renee has known him since she was twelve. Her true love was right in front of her the entire time. Maynard met Renee’s son, Ben, five years ago, and the two of them have also built a relationship over the course of that time. So it is no surprise that Ben served as the best man for the ceremony.

It is nice to see someone who is genuinely sweet and kind to others find what they have longed for and wanted so desperately for themselves. We all like to see the good guy win. Or in this case, the good girl.

A beautiful picture was posted on Instagram by Renee Oteri of her wearing her beautiful white wedding gown, and flashing a stunning smile as she proclaimed, “I have never smiled like this. Ever! :)”