WWE News: Latest Update On CM Punk Returning To WWE

WWE has of course been attempting to bring CM Punk back to the company for months now. Since the now infamous Stone Cold-like walk out back in January, the WWE has attempted seemingly countless things to bring Punk back. The issue at the end of the day is that if Punk does not want to be back, he simply will not step foot in a WWE ring again.

Some speculate that CM Punk is just waiting for his contract to run out so he can jump to TNA, ROH, or another promotion. Those people would be crazy to think such as Punk would have no interest in wrestling for another company that does far more wrong than WWE. Plus, he’d make far more with WWE if he truly wanted to wrestle again.

So I think CM Punk is done as a wrestler for a while.

WWE has seemingly given up on him, as they have removed him from everything they could. He will be in the Slam City animated series, but this is only due to it being filmed and completed. He will not be featured in advertisements for the show or used in any major way however.

He was removed from all WWE show packages, especially Wrestlemania material. He was also removed from upcoming projects that would have starred him or those that had yet to finish before he left. Punk was supposed to be in a WWE Studios film, but now this is obviously out of the plans.

Right now, WWE is not expecting Punk back and it seems like they don’t think he will ever return. So you cannot blame them for virtually killing off his character after the Chicago RAW.

Rumors were swirling that Punk would get involved in the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match at Wrestlemania, helping his friend Bryan to a victory. While this is still rumored, WWE does not seem to be leading to it with all the dismissing of Punk both on screen and off.

CM Punk has been in the WWE for the better part of a decade now. He is the longest reigning WWE Champion of the last 25 years and clearly one WWE’s biggest stars. The only issue with him is his attitude and always has been. It makes sense for him to act as he does because he gets frustrated with the way things are going.

One can understand Punk’s frustrations. The issue is that he goes about things in the wrong way. While CM Punk is one of the best to ever step foot in the WWE, he clearly has not handled things well. He is gone from the WWE and no one knows when or if he will be back. Don’t worry however, WWE will still make money on his merchandise as they continue to sell it. Of course, CM Punk will get a profit from it as it continues to be one of the top merchandise guys in the company.

We could always see a Punk return in the future, but for now all signs continue to point to him being gone. With the WWE removing him from everything they possibly can, and not even referring to him on TV in any way despite the numerous cheers. It seems CM Punk is done as a WWE character.