‘The Hunger Games’ Fans Getting Their Fix With ‘Divergent’

The Hunger Games has one of the strongest following of any movie or book series in the United States, let alone the world. Hunger Games fans are having to find something else to occupy their time until this winter when the series will continue on the big screen. Divergent appears to be something these fans can latch onto whie they wait.

Divergent being similar to The Hunger Games isn’t really a mistake. Teen audiences seem to love the dystopian future storyline, especially when it is marked by a strong hero or heroine like The Hunger Games‘ Katniss Everdeen or Divergent‘s Tris. There also needs to be a romantic entanglement for these heroines. Hunger Games fans get that fix in a couple of different entanglements. Divergent has just the one, between Shailene Woodley’s Tris and Theo James’ Four.

The Hunger Games and Divergent are so similar that reports surfaced not long ago that the two films’ stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Woodley talked often about how to handle the lead roles.

Hunger Games fans have definitely transferred their frenzy over the series to this new contender. CNN recently reported Woodley and James were shocked to be greeted at an Atlanta screening of the film by a throng of rather excited fans.

Obviously the fact that Divergent is based on a series of books isn’t the only thing that is drawing Hunger Games fans in. The powerful and attractive main characters allow teenage fans of the series watch as people their age are basically saving the world.

The drama and romantic entanglements have proven popular among Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight fans. Being based on popular book series doesn’t always equal financial success at the box office. That’s why Forbes says backers of Divergent have spent more than $25 million on promotional tie-ins like “Tris” Barbie dolls and “Four” Ken dolls.

Of course, the real box office success will depend on fans who simply want to see more of a similar series, played out by different people. Katniss Everdeen has the kind of following that other box office characters could only hope to have.

Whether or not Tris Prior can rise to the level of hero worship Katniss has will have a rather large impact into just how successful this movie series can be. While the cards are stacked against Woodley’s character, the excitement over Divergent seems to indicate there is indeed room for two powerful female heroines in Hunger Games lovers’ hearts.