Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez Continue To Fight Rumors About Their Friendship

If Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are still best friends, then someone might want to tell that to the tabloids.

Shortly after reports surfaced that Gomez and pop star Justin Bieber were hanging out again, outlets started to run stories that Swift and her BFF were no longer speaking. In fact, some folks believe that Taylor had completely “cut off” Selena in response to her continued support of Bieber. The Inquisitr previously reported that these rumors were completely untrue.

However, this isn’t stopping similar stories from popping up all over the internet. The latest slice of Taylor Swift gossip arrived courtesy of Radar Online. According to the website, the pair are having a difficult time keeping their friendship together.

“Taylor loves Selena and they get along super well, but it’s hard for her to watch her best friend keep going back to Justin when she knows it’s the worst thing for her,” the insider told the outlet.

The source continued, “She feels like maybe Selena needs tough love. She thinks Justin is disgusting and has basically told Selena she can’t support their relationship and if she gets back with him their friendship will probably never be the same.”

Instead of hanging out with best friend, the Hollywood Daily News reports that Gomez is spending some quality time with Kendall Jenner. The website even suggests that the singer is “replacing” her old pal with the reality TV veteran. However, all of this info was gleaned from a lunch they recently had together in Hollywood.

Us Weekly reported earlier this month that Taylor Swift wasn’t very happy that Gomez decided to head back into the arms of Bieber after reportedly receiving flowers from the guy after the Academy Awards. The publication also reported that Selena used a brief fling with Ed Sheeran to make Justin a little jealous.

“After Selena pulled that move, Taylor started distancing herself,” yet another Hollywood insider said about the situation.

If you’re in the market for rumors, gossip, and unsubstantiated reports about Swift and Gomez, then you certainly have more than a few places willing to indulge your insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip. Until Taylor comes right out and says she’s finished hanging out with Selena, try not to put too much stock into these rumors. As of this writing, nobody has officially commented on the friendship.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Do you believe that her friendship with Selena Gomez is on the rocks?

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