Elizabeth Raine: Medical School Student Auctioning Off Her Virginity Online

Elizabeth Raine is an American medical student with a novel way of paying her tuition — auctioning off her virginity.

Taking a cue from other women who have sold their virginity to the highest bidder, Raine has set up a website to take offers. The winner of the auction will get a 12-hour date and the opportunity to take her virginity.

Elizabeth Raines — which is actually an adopted name — enlisted an agent and even underwent a medical exam to prove her virginity. The website accepting bids has many pictures of the 27-year-old woman in her underwear along with details of how the transaction would proceed.

Raines has stood up against criticism of the virginity auction and accusations that she is nothing more than a prostitute, saying that “prostitute is a very simple and stigmatized label for a complex and diverse profession.”

“There are truly all sorts of prostitutes (sadly many are very oppressed, but some like me are not) and lumping them all together and condemning them all equally serves no right purpose,” Elizabeth Raine explains on her website.

But Elizabeth Raine also makes it clear that she is not out to set out a defense of prostitution, just to make money.

“My primary motivation remains financial,” she admits, “and I can’t insult you by pretending otherwise. I have never viewed myself to be a materialistic person, at least no more than is natural, but the potential sums involved are too large to be dismissed.”

As to how she stayed a virgin until 27, Raine said it wasn’t intentional.

“Many women are raised believing that they should hold on to their virginity and that it’s something that’s important for their marriage, for their relationship. It is a measure of how good they are as a person,” she told the website. “I never believed that and I never even intentionally tried to stay a virgin. It just really happened this way.”

Raine is not the first woman to auction off her virginity. Last year a Russian teenager auctioned her virginity for $30,000. Another young woman, Natalie Dylan, received a bid of $3.7 million for her virginity in 2009.

Elizabeth Raine will open bidding on her virginity auction on April 1.