Belle Knox Staying In School, Promises To Give Duke Basketballers ‘Free Sex Toys’ If They Win March Madness

Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox, has had a pretty action-packed couple of days ever since it was revealed that she was the previously anonymous Duke University porn star who wrote online about her experiences as both an adult film star and a student.

However, despite rumors to the contrary, Weeks has revealed that she is staying in school. In fact she even returned to class, after spring break, this week. She also acknowledged that the school administration has been incredibly supportive during this time of increased media attention and harassment.

It had been previously speculated by the New York Daily News that Weeks had decided to drop out of college because of the abuse and death threats that she’d received. Responding to these accusations, the 18-year-old insisted, “It’s kind of scary that people would take it that far. But I can’t let that stop me from doing what I want to do.”

Weeks has also used her new-found celebrity status to try and inspire the basketball players at Duke. In fact she has even made a huge promise to each member of the team if they manage to win the 2014 NCAA Tournament

Speaking to TMZ, Weeks stated, “If Duke wins March Madness, then I will give everyone of the basketball team members a product from my new sex toy line that’s coming out. They will be able to virtually have sex with me.”

Meanwhile, Weeks has revealed that she has only made around $45,000 after filming 25 sex scenes. The price of tuition at Duke is around $60,000. However, Weeks believes that her appearance in an Adam & Eve film, entitled, Real College Girl, as well as the profits that she hopes will be generated from her own line of sex toys should help her to make her even more money. After graduation though, Weeks wants to become a lawyer, and she has vowed to fight to increase the rights of sex workers across the country.

Recently, she has appeared on the likes of The Piers Morgan Show as well as The View, and during a discussion with the Huffington Post she admitted that she has grown weary at the criticism thrown her way.

Weeks stated that she found Sherri Shepherd’s comments during her appearance on the latter “incredibly condescending and completely ignored my sexual autonomy.” She then added, “I’m in school, I’m getting my education, I’m doing things with my life, and I’m getting criticised too. There’s really no way for women to win in this patriarchal society.”