Scarlett Johansson Is Still Holding Out For A Black Widow Movie

Scarlett Johansson is seriously hoping that Marvel Studios will give the proverbial greenlight to a Black Widow movie.

If you’re one of the folks out there who can’t wait for producers to move forward with the project, then you’re certainly in good company. Johansson recently said she wouldn’t mind starring in the spin-off. In short: Marvel needs to get to work on this flick as soon as humanly possible.

To promote the upcoming release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson sat down with the folks over at The Guardian. The actress explained that she’s more than happy to take the lead in the project if moviegoers are willing to spend their hard-earned money to see it.

“If you want to see a Black Widow spin-off movie, then I want to see it. We’ll see. We will put the request into Marvel tomorrow,” Johansson explained.

The fate of flick could rest in the hands of The Winter Soldier, though analysts believe the movie stands to make a considerable amount of money at the box office starting April 4. Variety reports that the Captain America sequel could make upwards of $85 million during its first weekend in theaters. This certainly bodes well for the Black Widow flick.

Since Scarlett Johansson is currently pregnant with her first child, many folks wondered if this would ultimately jeopardize her involvement with The Avengers 2. However, The Stack explains that the sequel is moving forward as planned.

“We start shooting in three weeks and I’m stunt training and we’re good to go. You know, I think it’s something that is hard to talk about, exactly. [I’m] trying to skirt around your question… and, you know, doing a poor job of it. But, you know, like I said, everything is exactly on schedule,” Scarlett explained to The Huffington Post.

If superhero movies aren’t you thing, then keep your eyes peeled for Johansson’s performance in director Jonathan Glazer’s sci-fi flick Under the Skin. The actress stars as an alien who hunts down unsuspecting travels through the wilds of Scotland. Surprisingly, the film opens on the same day as The Winter Soldier.

The actress said working on Under the Skin was a little intimidating at first. “I realized what kind of judgement I place on myself, and how self-conscious I am about all different kinds of things. That wasn’t just the nudity, but many different situations, where I just had to… we just couldn’t capture what we needed unless I was totally free of myself. That, in a sense, was very liberating,” she explained.

Would you like to see Scarlett Johansson in a Black Widow spin-off movie?