Justin Bieber ‘Blue Steels’ As Selena Gomez Goes Nearly Naked On Instagram

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are making waves on Instagram again. Not in some doe-eyed snap or sexy dance rehearsal video, as they did to announce their reignited romance earlier this month — but separately.

The couple both took to their Instagram accounts Friday with revealing results, particularly Selena’s.

Justin dropped three photoshoot-worthy pictures which quickly took a massive bite out of the platform’s traffic. At press time, two of the photos has drawn over 1.15 million “Likes,” with the third also over one million.

No stranger to selfies, even by Bieber’s standards the shots appear to be his most iconic yet.

In one, the tattooed star is bare-chested but for a grey hoodie, gold chain, and obligatory nipple flash.

Justin Bieber Instagram Photoshoot

Another sees the Canadian wearing a beanie with a classic “Blue Steel” expression with a caption lifted from his rap in pal, Maejor Ali’s, “Lolly” music video released last year.

The last upload shows off Justin’s most recent tattoos as he kicks back in a white T-shirt on a couch.

Justin Bieber New Pictures

Justin posed for the photoshoot on Thursday in Toronto, roping in childhood pal Ryan Butler to help.

Although possibly part of his job as an Adidas NEO global style ambassador, his explanation on Twitter suggests the shoot was just for kicks.

photoshoot yesterday for fun. hope u guys liked what u saw.

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 21, 2014

Whatever or whoever it was for, most comments at the “Confident” singer’s Instagram page have been appreciative.

Moving over to Selena’s instagram picture, the 21-year-old is in full starlet mode.

The Spring Breakers star appears to be completely nude as she frolics amid a sun-soaked sheer curtain in a room.

As Selena is the only person seen, the tableau prompts the question: “Who took the photo?”

Bieber seems likely.

Selena Gomez

Gomez was seen with her shapely wrapped legs wrapped around Bieber’s shirtless torso as they proceeded to bump ‘n’ grind to John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” in two now deleted Instagram videos filmed during recent weekend in Texas.

It was a clear statement that the couple have reunited. How long for, is another question.

Inevitably, the video sparked risible rumors. One speculated Bieber and Gomez are planning a joint tour. Other gossip reports claimed Selena’s family want to forcibly place her back in rehab, where she spent 14 days in January.

Both claims were denied by sources close to Gomez this past week.

However, not all rumors are flights of fancy.

According to a group of Toronto fans, Bieber randomly played them a duet titled Unfamiliar apparently also recorded with Selena.

Somewhat inevitably, a song purporting to be the said duet made its way online. Tumblr user Jelenacruisin posted a track called Duet #1, which has already drawn over 225,000 plays.

However, one of the fans who met Bieber insists the Tumblr song isn’t the same track Bieber played her group of pals.

Following their romantic Texas weekend, Gomez has returned to Los Angeles while Bieber headed to Toronto, Canada.

According to his social media postings, he been spending most of his time recording music.

On Friday night, Bieber was spotted filming what looks to be a new music video with his pal and R&B singer/rapper Khalil Amir Sharieff in Yonge-Dundas Square, Downtown Toronto.

That same night, Bieber was also spotted at the Oklahoma City Thunders V. Toronto Raptors basketball game.

Despite his ongoing legal woes, Bieber’s recent online messages have focused on music. He previewed a ballad Life Is Worth Living last weekend, and teased a banger produced by DJ Mustard yesterday.

As for his love life, it’s been widely reported Gomez’s family and friends do not approve of her reunion with Bieber.

“They feel like they’ve done all they could for her, and there’s nothing else to do,” a source told People magazine.

The insider added, “At this point, she has to figure it out on her own.”

Apparently even Taylor Swift “doesn’t want to hear about it anymore,”

Our take? Perhaps it’s for the best that people step back. Given time, the pair’s relationship will sink or swim. Either way, Bieber and Gomez’s relationship is no-one’s affair but theirs.