Westboro Baptist Church Remixes Lorde, Singer Asks Fans To Gay Kiss WBC Members

After the Westboro Baptist Church remixed a song from Lorde, the Royals singer has asked her fans to engage in gay kissing with WBC members who plan on picketing her Pure Heroine’s show being held in Kansas City today:

“Everyone wear rainbow clothing to that show. Everyone try to kiss church members who are same sex as you they will so love it. Christmas comin’ early in Kansas city.”

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when former WBC leader Fred Phelps died this week the reaction from Twitter was as might be expect. But the interesting part was the revelation that the Westboro Baptist Church had Fred Phelps excommunicated before he died and the group has been under new leadership.

The reason the Westboro Baptist Church targeted her in the first place was because of a recent radio appearance in Australia. At one point, host Kyle Sandilands attempted to make a lesbian joke:

“Are you bringing your new bestie, Taylor Swift? I see your guys’ pictures everywhere. Are you guys like, uh, are you together now? Not together as in lesbians. I’m not talking about ‘Ellen together.’ I’m talking about, like, you guys are friendly right?”

Lorde went silent for a while but then eventually responded:

“What do you mean you’re not talking about ‘Ellen together’? Is there something wrong with lesbians? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

The conversation pretty much went downhill from there, with the radio jock asking if Lorde was “in a lesbian relationship” with Taylor Swift. Despite the Royals singer not wanting to play along, the Westboro Baptist Church latched onto the fact that Lorde defended homosexuality. They then released their own version of one of Lorde’s songs, which had these lyrics:

We’re coming to the end of all the flesh
We warned with pickets signs and songs and the movies
Shouldn’t be proud you made this mess
You hear the trumpets sound, you’ll feel God’s envy

‘Cause every song sings bare teeth ragin; sinning in the bedroom
bloodless coffin trashin your creator

You don’t care
You’re really badasses in your dreams
But in reality Christ will pay back, coming in the clouds
He’ll set his thrown and mockers will be screechin’ ‘It ain’t fair’
We’ll be caught up with him in the air

We’ll ever be royals, sanctified by his blood
We crave a different kind of love
He has made us rulers
Sanctified to his sea
And joyful we’ll rule with our King eternally

As red as blood, as black as coal
Dissolving peace you’ll starve for wheat and for barley
Everyone who reads it knows what the pale horse is
You’re gonna soon be sorry


He’s greater than you ever dreamed
He’s gonna make you mighty scream
Crispy ’cause you didn’t care,
We’ll be caught up with him in the air.

Needless to say, that’s why Lorde was not too happy with the Westboro Baptist Church, which has a history of doing parodies of famous artists.

What do you think about the song?