Malaysia Airlines: Grieving Families Forced To Leave Hotel To Make Room For Formula One Fans

The location of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains a mystery. As search and rescue teams continue to scour the region, the passengers’ families have filled several local hotels. On Friday, 20 grieving relatives were forced to leave the Cyberview Hotel to make room for Formula One racing fans.

As the Grand Prix is scheduled for March 30, the capital city of Kauala Lumpur is expecting tens of thousands of fans, promoters, and drivers. Representatives said the Cyberview Hotel is completely booked for the event. Although they provided the grieving families with temporary accommodations, they eventually forced them to transfer to another hotel.

The location of the Cyberview Hotel was convenient for the families, as it is close to the airport. As reported by NBC News, the families were transferred by bus to the Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel. Although reporters witnessed the transfer, hey were prevented from approaching the families or hotel staff.

The grieving families are not the only ones being displaced to accommodate racing fans. The Sama Sama Hotel is currently being used as a makeshift headquarters for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 investigators. Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed that the investigators “will be moving out… because of the F1 race.”

Although the hotels have no legal obligation to accommodate the families or investigators, their decision only added to mounting frustrations.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8. The plane was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. As the fate of the flight remains unknown, hundreds of families are unsure whether their loved ones are dead or alive.

Their anxiety and grief has only compounded, as officials have no idea what happened. Rumors, conspiracy theories, and false sightings, have only fueled the families’ apprehension. Many families have blamed officials for failing to disclose information. Unfortunately, the information may not exist.

As some officials suspect a hijacking, many families are praying for a miracle. If the plane is intact, their loved ones could still be alive. Other families are simply praying for closure.

Selamat Bin Omar’s son was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. He discusses the recent sighting of debris, which may be part of the missing plane:

“It it turns out that it is truly MH370 then we will accept that fate… [they] do not yet know for sure whether it is indeed MH370 or something else. Therefore we are still waiting for further notice from the Australian government.”

For the families awaiting news about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, finding a hotel near the airport was a priority. Unfortunately several families were forced to leave their hotels to make room for Formula One fans.

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