Far Cry 4 Location Leaves Jungle for Himalayas

The new Far Cry 4 location has been confirmed as being set in the snowy Himalayas according to Eurogamer. Leaving behind the vibrant jungles of the series, the new Far Cry 4 location speaks to not only a new continent, but new possibilities of gameplay and travel.

The story broke today with Eurogamer citing people “familiar with the project” who confirmed that the new Far Cry 4 location being set in the iconic Asian mountains will give the potential for a bevy of new features. One of the specific features mentioned will be the ability to ride an elephant through the verdant landscapes.

The new Far Cry 4 location is definitely a big departure from the warm, humid climates the series has been associated with. The previous entry, Far Cry 3, was set on an undisclosed tropical island between the Pacific and Indian oceans. It was home to a very disreputable population of assimilated natives and human traffickers.

Far Cry 2 was set in a war torn central Africa setting and the original Far Cry found players on another South Pacific island setting. A switch to the Himalayas may bring new hunting opportunities both in fauna and technique, but details were not given and we will likely not see more until a later date.

With a new Far Cry 4 location, comes new ideas and new technologies that may not be possible on the outgoing generation of consoles. No platforms have been announced, but it is safe to assume that we will continue to see new games begin to adopt the new console generation exclusively as the recently announced Batman: Arkham Knight is eschewing the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in favor of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft is also one of the few publishers that still shows support for the Wii U so a version may come to the floundering Nintendo console, but Ubisoft has declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer on any of the details.

Ubisoft has not given any solid release information other that the game is in development and is slated to release during the next fiscal year which ends on March 15, 2015.

The new Far Cry 4 location will most likely show its new haunts during E3 either during the Ubisoft press conference or during the Xbox or PlayStation keynotes. Be sure to check the Inquisitir gaming section for updates to this story.