Meet Diane: According to Thomas Road Baptist Church She is Going to Hell

Meet Diane, according to her dear Aunt Betty she is going to Hell, and all damnation and all that for ….. dancing. Yes we are back in in 1987, and just need Kevin Bacon to break into a Footloose number.
diane is going to hell2diane is still going to hell

So if you dance, or even worse, dance with men, or even worse, have sex with those men watch out. You too could find yourself in an ad for the Thomas Road Baptist Church.

And if we don’t stop this evil dancin’, then God is going to punish us by sending some more “muslim pilots our way”. Right so god is responsible for terrorism. Those jihad guys are going to find that pretty distrubing, they had thought they were doing it for Allah, oh and the 72 virgins. Who we are pretty sure, don’t dance.


Intolerant, much?

Via BlogofHilarity