Theo James On ‘Downton Abbey’ Sex Scene With Michelle Dockery

Before Divergent star Theo James became known to the world at large he guest starred in Season 1 of the British hit period drama Downton Abbey, where he and Michelle Dockery got things so heated that his character ended up dead.

Fans of the show will remember the Gratham’s guest, Mr. Pamuk, who eyed the eldest daughter, Lady Mary Crawley, played by Dockery and sneaked into her bedroom to take her innocence, at least that is what we were led to believe.

More than one joke and innuendo was posted on the internet, after the sex scene that got so intense that it landed the “Casanova” dead from a heart attack, of course we didn’t see any of the details — it’s television, after all — as the series is mostly PG-rated.

In his 2010 brief appearance Theo James played the Turkish diplomat who seduces the young heiress before she became wife to the late Matthew Crawley. The actor recently visited the late night talk show Chelsea Lately and discussed the much talked about scene:

“We did that method style. Obviously not the death, but I said that I had to do it full-on and be there in the moment in the castle doing it full penetration.. It’s incredible sex for him to die midway through.”

Now, as the much-anticipated Divergent movie — labeled the “next Hunger Games — is ready to open on Friday, Theo James is at the center of the storm, so to speak.

If the information on the movie database site Rotten Tomatoes is any indication, audiences are dying to see James and his co-star Shailene Woodley, who is being compared to Jennifer Lawrence, due to the similarities of their characters.

The 29-year-old British thespian who has literally stepped into the limelight overnight and was mobbed by over 200 screeching fans during a special screening in Atlanta, Georgia said:

“It’s good to be involved in something that has a bunch of people invested in the material already.”

Theo James has become somewhat of a media sensation with his good looks and friendly personality and with Woodley reporting that he is a great kisser, everyone wants to know more about this sexy Brit, who had this to say about Shailene’s comments:

“Well, good! Cool. Nice. Good work, Shai! I paid her money to say that. Not much, though. She’s a very open and fun person, and that always helps. Especially if you have a bit of natural chemistry, inevitably, it’s going to make the scene better, and we definitely had good chemistry from that start, which is something you always hope for, whenever you get stuck in a love story for the next however long.”

For those who have waited to see Theo James and Shailene Woodley in Divergent, Friday has finally arrived, check your local listings.

[Image via Lionsgate]