David Fincher Wants Christian Bale For Steve Jobs Role

It looks like David Fincher really wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in his film. The film, written by none other than Aaron Sorkin is finally getting the ball rolling over at Sony. Unlike the disastrous Jobs outing of 2013, this is the one that doesn’t star Ashton Kutcher. The two projects were announced virtually at the same time, and Fincher’s production always had the upper hand. Fincher, who had bigger fish to fry with the thriller adaptation Gone Girl, had the support of Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak from the very beginning.

The director also had a lot to mull over and consider, and it seems like one actor he has heavily considered is the American Hustle star. We’ll admit we can see Bale wearing the wired frames, but we aren’t sure how he will pull off the gait and certain mannerisms of Steve.

Nevertheless, The Wrap reports that Fincher wants Christian Bale to portray the complex figure of the Apple company. It’s not just that Fincher is into the idea of Bale as Jobs. It’s being reported that if he doesn’t get Bale in the role of Jobs then he might consider walking away from the project, which means Sony will have to find another director to helm the film.

Bale hasn’t been officially approached to play Steve Jobs just yet. The actor is currently taking a breather to spend some time with his family after wrapping yet another role in Scott Ridley’s epic Exodus. In Exodus he plays the role of Moses, and it’s said that this role will see Bale getting Oscar attention.

Unlike a typical biopic, it’s believed that Aaron Sorkin retooled his own adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s biography, which is based on 40 interviews that took place between Jobs and the author of the authorized biography. The film is said to feature three long scenes in regards to Apple’s launched products, Mac, NeXT and the iPod.

As some may know, Jobs featuring Ashton Kutcher as a very convincing Steve Jobs started and finished with Jobs’ keynote speech in regards to the iPod. Unfortunately, despite Kutcher’s Jobs filming, and premiering at Sundance it was widely unsupported and was greeted with negative criticism.

As far as David Fincher’s stab at a Jobs story if he gets his way, the film is set to start in 2015. This is a doable date seeing as both Bale and Fincher will be filled up with promoting their separate projects.

[Image Credit: Warner Bros.]