Bradley Cooper Makes It Big Despite Insult By Louis C.K.

From Bradley Cooper’s perspective there is a spectacularly funny new video that is making the rounds across the internet. From Louis CK’s side, he may not be so happy, as the video mocks him for one of his comedic rants for which he has become famous. You can check out the video below – it is truly a great catch by the creator, Gabriel Antunes, based on some old footage.

Here is the set up for the clip: In 2009, Louis CK gave an interview on The Stephen Merchant Show. During the interview, CK begins riffing on the famous celebrity interview segment, Inside the Actors Studio, and specifically the audience members who ask questions of the celebrity being interviewed. CK honed in on an episode where Sean Penn was being interviewed in the Studio. CK joked:

“When an actor stands up — one of the people in the audience — and says, ‘I am an actor, what can I do?’ and asks Sean Penn or whomever… ‘What can I do to reach your level?’ or whatever and you just want to say, ‘That’s it. You never will be famous. There’s no way you asked Sean Penn a question and then you’re going to be huge.”

The video then cuts to a very young Bradley Cooper asking just such a question to Sean Penn! Can you believe the odds of that happening. For CK to make a joke of a young actor asking “sean Penn” a question, stating that person would never make it, and then finding out that none other than Bradley Cooper did exactly what you joked about. It’s almost mind blowing, inasmuch as celebrity chatter can be deemed mind blowing.

So the young Cooper asks Sean Penn a question about how Penn will reprise a character he is playing in Hurlyburly. After this, the video quickly cuts to a scene from American Hustle, a film that Cooper and CK were in together. The irony keeps getting deeper and deeper. The scene shows a jubilant Cooper gyrating on and over CK…. well, you really have to check out the video to see for yourself. It’s totally cool, man!

This video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Louis CK was completely and absolutely wrong about the young, hungry actors asking questions on Actors Studio. Turns out that they can make it big, become famous, and even get nominated for an Academy Award twice, like someone named Bradley Cooper. I’d suspect that Bradley won’t let Louis forget about this video anytime soon.

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