Family Of Four Beat Friend Brutally For Two Days, Are ‘Upset’ He Didn’t Die

A family of four beat a 40-year-old man to within an inch of his life, and then left him in snow-covered woods to be eaten by wolves.

The shocking story out of Wabeno, Wisconsin alleges that the family, who are practicing Christians, beat the man, who was a family friend and had been staying at the family home for three weeks.

At some point the victim of the brutal beating was accused by the family of striking one of their children on the butt; the two day ordeal then ensued.

Raymond Jones, 45, his wife April, 38, their son Justin Bey, 21 and his fiancée Samantha McClellan, 18, have all been arrested and charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, among other related charges.

As well as a heavy, sustained beating at the hands of his hosts, the unidentified man was also urinated on and feces were smeared on his head, all in an effort to teach him a lesson for hitting their child.

He was allegedly hit with sticks, punched, kicked in the crotch repeatedly and suffered sustained fractures to his face, a broken nose and jaw, and two broken ribs, as well as frostbite all over his body.

The family told investigators after their arrest, that following the beating, they left him in woods near to their house in the hope that wolves would smell the blood and attack the man.

Two passers-by in ATV’s were riding in the woods on March 12 when they came across what they originally thought was a suitcase. They later realized it was in fact a man doubled over, covered in blood and wearing only one shoe.

The couple hauled the injured man onto their vehicle and took him to a nearby convenience store and called 911.