Christopher Walken Stages A Dance Party In New Mashup Video

Christopher Walken is one of the most widely recognized character actors of his generation, precisely because he is such a character.

A new video mashup that shows Walken dancing in myriad of different movies he’s appeared in has taken the Internet by storm this week.

In some roles depicted through his dance video, he’s clearly been scripted as a dancer. In others, Walken is clearly adding his special little jig as a way to fill out a colorful role.

The Huffiington Post first drummed up the video and also documented just how many films Christopher has busted a move.

Set to C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” Walken is shown dancing from a whole host of very different movies.

The fact is, it seems Christopher Walken likes to dance no matter what role he takes on.

Whether talking about The Deer Hunter or 2007’s Hairspray, Christopher does indeed like to bust a move.

In total, Huffpost took a selection of more than 50 films Walken has appeared in. The fact that he has managed to appear in 50 films ought to be accomplishment enough.

Christopher is someone who people want see dance and that’s what really stands out thanks to this video mashup. Walken has managed to gain a level of popularity among the public that other actors can only hope to approach.

This wouldn’t be nearly as funny a mashup if Jim Carrey was dancing around, because we expect him to look goofy. Walken’s video mashup wins the day because quite a few of these roles were those of a straightman.

Christopher has spent most of his career being the tough guy who is supposed to be feared. Walken has been the guy others listen to, even if they know there’s something “not quite right” about him.

Walken also makes this video great because there are times when he literally breaks into a dance seemingly out of nowhere.

And then of course, the video featuring Christopher dancing over and over and over again is great because it illustrates just how talented and accomplished he has been over the course of his career.

Sometimes, the popularity of an actor takes the world by storm. It wasn’t that long ago that Christopher Walken himself admitted his popularity was sort of an odd happening. If nothing else, this video is an homage to that oddity.