A 'Titanfall 2' PlayStation 4 Release Possible After Strong 'Titanfall' Sales for Xbox One

A Titanfall 2 PlayStation 4 release may be in the cards after EA has secured the publishing rights according to Gamespot. A Titanfall 2 version for the PS4 as well as the Wii U and Xbox One is a fairly safe bet after Forbes reported a strong uptick in Xbox One sales in the UK.

Titanfall is part of the EA Partners publishing arm that helps third-party developers release their game onto various platforms. Notable releases from the label have included Rock Band, Kingdoms of Amalur, Left 4 Dead as well as other games for console and mobile. Titanfall is the latest release from developer Respawn Entertainment, and looks to be doing very well based off reports from the UK. And it is because of these strong sales that publisher EA was able to secure the publishing rights for any sequel in the Titanfall universe.

According to the insider speaking to Gamespot, the option to publish a Titanfall 2 PlayStation 4 version of the game would depend on the sales of the first game. Currently, Titanfall is only available to Xbox One and PC customers with Xbox 360 owners getting their version of the game from Bluepoint studios on April 8. ShackNews reported that this exclusivity will last for the "life of the title," according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen during an earnings call in October of 2013.

This specific language kills any hope for a PlayStation 4 version coming out down the road in the same way Mass Effect was eventually released for the PlayStation 3 after having several years as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

While Titanfall will not be coming to the PlayStation 4, or Wii U for that matter due to contracts, the possibilities for a Titanfall 2 PlayStation 4 or Wii U version is a forgone conclusion. As Titanfall is still enjoying a healthy launch and good press, it will be a while before we hear any official rumblings of the inevitable sequel.

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