James Patterson Named Most Successful Author Of The Decade

James Patterson was named the most successful author of the decade. A former advertising executive, Patterson has written more than 100 novels, which encompass numerous genres. The diverse author’s work is well-respected by men, women, teens, and adolescents.

Although most authors appeal to a specific demographic, Patterson has a unique talent for writing emotional romance, gripping drama, nail-biting crime, and supernatural adventures.

In 2005, the talented author made a decision to focus on books for adolescents and teens. He said the decision was inspired by his son Jake, who struggled with reading.

Statistically, children who cannot read perform poorly in all other subjects. Patterson wrote several books, which he hoped would inspire his son, and other young adults, to read. In an interview with Standard, Patterson said Jake “immediately got better at his school work.”

The beloved author also shared some valuable advise:

“The thing that parents need to understand is that it’s their job, not the school’s job, to get books into the house, whether from libraries or wherever. If you’re not forcing children to read, you’re sending them out with a handicap.”

James Patterson has spent hundreds of thousands on campaigns to encourage children and adults to read. Most recently, the author committed to donating $1 million in grants to independent and local bookstores.

As many privately owned booksellers are at risk, Patterson is on a mission to raise awareness. In many communities, local bookstores are a vital. Unfortunately, retail chains have depleted their business.

Decatur, Georgia’s, Little Shop of Stories received one of Patterson’s grants. Co-owner Diane Capriola was humbled by the donation:

“The real beauty of what he’s doing is he’s trying to raise awareness of the importance of independent bookstores.”

As reported by CLATL News, Little Shop of Stories will use the donation to launch a bookmobile. Using an old bus, the shop will have an opportunity to deliver books throughout the community. Bookmobiles are specifically vital in impoverished communities, as many residents do not have the means to travel to stores or libraries.

With his diverse talent, and dedication to literacy, it is easy to see how James Patterson rose to the top of the list. On the Top Ten list, Patterson is joined by J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, Dr. Seuss, John Grisham, Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, Janet Evanovich, Jeff Kinney, and Stephen King.

James Patterson is a resident of Palm Beach, Florida, where he lives with his wife Susan and son Jack.

[Image via CDN]