Carole Radziwill Defends Long Career Against Ghostwriting Claims

Carole Radziwill has had a relatively tough start to 2014. Last month, the successful author split with boyfriend Russ Irwin after a two-year relationship.

More recently, Radziwill has had to defend herself against allegations that Carole used a ghostwriter for her best selling memoir. Radziwill had the allegations thrown at her during a recent Real Housewives of NYC episode in which she lunched with Aviva Drescher.

Aviva started off by asking Carole for advice in writing but the conversation took an odd, adversarial turn at one point. People Magazine reports Radziwill took offense at several comments when discussion turned to Carole’s writing of her book What Remains.

“Is she insinuating I hired a ghostwriter to write my first book?” Radziwill wondered aloud as the two dined. “That’s awkward and awful.”

Carole Radziwill has been a journalist for 28 years and she told E! News shortly after the episode filmed she took offense at the insinuation.

“Let’s just say what Aviva calls ‘silly show drama’ or whatever — however she characterizes it — the entire legal community calls slander,” Radziwill said. “So no, I wasn’t happy to see that on television.”

The reality star took to Twitter shortly after the situation came to light, and used a hashtag that has become popular for those following the sitation, #bookgate.

The relationship between Carole and Aviva went from a cold war to one where verbal shots were fired later, as the two met up at Drescher’s house warming party.

At one point, Radziwill said that comparing her writing career with that of Drescher’s was like comparing apples to spaceships. Aviva shot back that she had only written one book and it wasn’t like she had the career of “Grisham or King.”

The negative words continued, as Drescher asked why her publisher had passed on Radziwill’s book. The RHONYC star replied there hadn’t been a situation where the publisher passed, there had actually been a bidding war.

The argument eventually became heated enough that the two reality stars were loudly yelling at each other. When it was pointed out, neither particularly cared about making a scene.

The conversation eventually came down to one simple statement made by the former journalist when she called Aviva a liar and said “you lie about everything.”

It doesn’t appear Carole Radziwill isn’t taking the accusation of using a ghostwriter lightly.