Rebecca Soteros: Paul Walker’s Ex Is An Alcoholic And Unfit Mom, His Mother Claims

Rebecca Soteros is an alcoholic and unfit mother, Paul Walker’s mother said about the late actor’s ex-girlfriend.

Cheryl Walker is asking for guardianship of Meadow Walker, Paul’s 15-year-old daughter who currently lives with Cheryl.

In the court petition, Paul Walker’s mother reportedly claims that Rebecca Soteros is an alcoholic and unable to care for her daughter. Rebecca had two arrests for DUI, in 2003 and again last year.

Rebecca’s alcoholism has caused problems for the family in the past. Meadow moved from Hawaii three years ago to live with Paul, reportedly due to her mother’s alcohol problems.

There could be a lot riding on the custody case, as. Paul Walker left his entire $25 million fortune to Meadow in his will.

The Fast and Furious movie franchise, made famous by Walker, will continue to generate royalties for Meadow Walker. She can expect an additional $8 million from her late father’s acting work.

Paul Walker was killed in a car wreck on November 20, 2013, when a specialty Porsche driven by friend and business partner Roger Rodas hit a telephone pole and burst into flames.

A copy of Paul Walker’s will obtained by TMZ does not mention Rebecca Soteros or his longtime girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.

“Rebecca is pleased that Paul is able to provide for his daughter, but she thinks leaving her his entire $25 million fortune is irresponsible,” an insider said last month. “She wants their daughter to grow up and earn her own money, and not become another self-entitled Hollywood brat. That’s part of the reason Rebecca and Meadow lived in Hawaii all these years.”

Rebecca Soteros dated Paul Walker in 1998, but the relationship ended soon after Meadow was born in 1999.