50 Cent On His Relationship With Eminem: ‘He’s My Dre’

50 Cent doesn’t want you to worry too much about his relationship with Eminem.

More than a few fans were a little shellshocked by the news that 50 Cent was bidding farewell to Interscope records and Shady Records. Although some feared that the rapper-turned-actor had a falling out with Eminem, he recently assured folks that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Their friendship is apparently safe and sound.

During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, 50 Cent revealed that he would never do anything to harm the relationship he’s built with Eminem over the years. He may have decided to release any future musical endeavors through indie channels, but that doesn’t mean they’re not friends anymore.

“I credit a huge portion of my success to Em because if it wasn’t for him being excited about the project, no one else would have rallied around it. It’s one of those things that if I hated Dr. Dre, I couldn’t say it to anyone because it would bother Em,” 50 cent explained during the chat.

He added, “You understand? He’s my Dre, and Dre is that to him, and so I would just never express it. I have nothing against Dre.”

50 Cent explained that Eminem helped him during a very crucial point in his life and career. While some rappers tend to forget those who helped them come up, the Escape Plan star said he never intends to take the guy for granted. Even Eminem admitted that Shady Records wouldn’t have enjoyed nearly as much success with 50 Cent’s help.

“Every time something positive is happening, I always relate it to Em. He only has positive energy surrounding his aura with me. When there’s something wrong, he’s not even aware of it. I have to call and talk to him for him to understand it,” 50 Cent explained.

The rapper continued, “We’ll have conversations when I go out to Detroit to record, and I’ll be telling him about it and he’ll be like, ‘Get the f*** out of here.’ He’s hearing it for the first time.”

Having the guy on your good side definitely seems like a positive these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that 50 Cent posted pics of Rick Ross and P. Diddy on Instagram that suggested the pair are presently involved in a homosexual relationship. The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star also got into verbal altercation with former record exec Steve Stoute at a New York Knicks game. In short: It’s smart to keep this guy in your corner.

Are you surprised that 50 Cent thinks so highly of Eminem?

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