‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Argument Ends In Murder

A disagreement over the ending of 300: Rise of an Empire resulted in the murder of a Texas man earlier this week.

According to reports, 23-year-old Michael Emerson was fatally struck by a Ford F-150 truck in the parking lot of a movie theater in Tomball. Witnesses said the moviegoer got into an argument with other Silverado Movie Theater patrons over the recently-released action flick 300: Rise of an Empire.

Cinema Blend explains that the argument over the 300 sequel began in the movie theater’s bathroom. Emerson heatedly debated the possibly of a follow-up to Rise and Empire, an argument that eventually spilled into the parking lot.

Although Emerson and the two guys he was fighting with decided to go their separate ways, the victim reportedly said something as he passed by their truck. That’s when the driver put the vehicle into reverse and knocked him to the ground. Unfortunately, Michael later died from his injuries at an area hospital.

The men who killed Emerson after a screening of 300: Rise of an Empire are still on the loose. Although police have attempted to find the guys responsible for Emerson’s death, the investigation hasn’t turned up any significant leads as of this writing.

The victim’s mom told KHOU:

“Help us find out who did this to Michael so we can get justice for him and our family. It feels like a dream, it doesn’t feel real to me right now. I’m good for five minutes and I cry for hours. I want to hold my child. I want him to say, ‘I love you mama,’ I want to see his big blue eyes and that beautiful smile.”

According to the New York Daily News, Emerson was discussing 300: Rise of an Empire in the bathroom when two men essentially butted their way into the conversation. Since they had a difference of opinion about how the movie ended, it didn’t take very long for the situation to spiral completely out of control.

“I know they were in the bathroom and they were discussing if there was going to be a sequel because of the way the movie ended. They were discussing it among themselves and there’s some people in the bathroom and they butted into their conversation and put their opinion in about it,” one witness explained.

Police are asking anyone who attended the Sunday evening screening of 300: Rise of an Empire to come forward with information about the altercation.

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]