Gene Simmons Opens Up About ‘CSI’ Guest Role, New KISS Album

Gene Simmons loves to ruffle feathers. When he’s not irritating the masses, he often finds time to get some work done.

The KISS frontman recently made more than a few people upset when he suggested that there isn’t room in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for hip hop artists. He also said that his rock band was essentially the only good thing to come out of New York City. The guy certainly knows how to draw attention to himself.

During his recent conversation with the folks at — a chat that included those controversial remarks about rap music — Gene Simmons discussed his guest role on the long-running crime drama CSI. Although he’s played himself on other television shows, this didn’t stop Simmons from taking the gig.

“It was a role I was born to play. I was thrilled when they called and asked me to play Gene Simmons. Not the first time I’ve played myself: I did it on ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Castle’ and in the forthcoming ‘Entourage’ movie,” Gene explained during the interview.

He added, “I’ve played other roles as well, this was kind of a hybrid. I play myself but I’m suspected of murder. If I told you more about the plot, I’d have to kill you.”

Gene Simmons also took a moment to discuss the possibility of another KISS album. Unfortunately for fans who are looking forward to a new batch of tunes, the singer wouldn’t give any concrete details about another record. Of course, he did use the question to pimp some of his other business ventures.

He explained:

“The minute we have time to breathe… we have our football team the L.A. KISS, which is on CBS Sports and ESPN, and our reality show is on AMC, and we have our restaurant chain, Rock and Brews, there’s so much going on, and we’re getting ready for the 40th anniversary world tour, which kicks off this summer. So maybe at the end of the tour we’ll look at a new studio album, but everything takes time, as you know.”

Gene Simmons also recently dished about Eddie Van Halen’s desire to join KISS back in the 80s. The Inquisitr previously reported that Simmons shot down the idea because he felt the guitarist wouldn’t have any fun in the band.

Are you a fan of KISS frontman Gene Simmons? Do you think the band will record one more album before they finally hang it up for good?

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