Emmy Rossum: Nude Photos Make First Dates Awkward [Video]

Emmy Rossum’s nude photos floating around on the internet apparently make for some awkward first dates. Even when she meets new people it’s sometimes weird because many have seen Emmy Rossum topless due to her appearances in Shameless.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in general Rossum may be shameless in the way she flaunts her body in photo shoots but one gynecologist visit was described as mortifying by the actress.

In the TV show Emmy plays a character named Fiona Gallagher who is a high school dropout. She’s also the legal guardian of her five younger siblings. She’s also featured in numerous romantic encounters, some of which require her to strip down for the camera. But Emmy says she’s kind of uncomfortable with nudity outside of the TV set and it also makes her social life kind of awkward:

“It’s definitely weird on first dates when guys have already seen your boobs.”

Each time Shameless has featured Emmy Rossum nude she has to sign a waiver and they work on a closed set. But she does have some input into how she is depicted. If nudity is not important to the story she has sometimes refused to do the nude scene.

Even then, how her character Fiona behaves on the screen changes the expectations of the guys she tries to date:

“I feel like it gives guys the wrong idea about me because Fiona is so open with her sexuality, but I feel like I’m not that liberated at all. So when I’m in character, it feels like I’m playing pretend, it feels like I’m in that head space and it’s very easy for me in a certain way to do that.”

If anything, female nudity in Hollywood has gotten out of control lately, mostly thanks to Miley Cyrus, who somehow think her antics are feminist. Other female celebrities might disagree with slavish depictions of female nudity. For example, Avril Lavigne said nude photos of her are unlikely since she prefers her own fashion. Sinead O’Connor tried warning Miley Cyrus that the music industry was “prostituting” her for money. Even Katy Perry has said some are using the sex card way too much. But Girls actor and director Len Denhum has become infamous for being nude for no apparent reason, and when one unwitting reporter dared to question Denhum about this she raged at him.

What do you think about Emmy Rossum’s comments on nudity, acting, and how they tie into the real world?