Michael Vick: Weekend Visit With New York Jets

Michael Vick makes headlines today, because he is going to visit the New York Jets this weekend as a free agent, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks of NJ.com. Michael Vick is a free agent who currently hasn’t visited any team through this period. However, that is all about to change this weekend. If Vick has a good weekend with the Jets, it will give the Jets some good options between Vick, and second year pro Geno Smith.

Last year Vick had a pretty decent season, he was throwing 1,215 yards with a 54.6 completion percentage in seven games. Soon after Vick injured his leg, and got benched for the rest of the season, and Nick foles ended up taking his place.

Michael Vick is only 33-years-old and he is still one of the most deadliest football players in the NFl. Vick is known for only two weaknesses that have affected him throughout his entire career, and that’s his durability and turnovers.

However, for the Jets they may be forced to overlook those weakness, seeing how Vick is one of their better options. The Jets are looking to let go of their current quarterback Mark Sanchez, and they are looking to Veterans for his replacement and Michael Vick definitely fits that category. The other quarterback the Jets are looking at are Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Josh Freeman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Flynn and more. Vick is the most notable option, but the Jets need to figure out if he is the right fit for them.

Mainly it would be between Geno Smith and Michael Vick for starter quarterback. Smith was a better player toward the end of his rookie season, but he still needs more experience before he is actually considered a franchise player.

The pressure is definitely on for New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, because his job could be on the line if he doesn’t do well next season, so he needs to make the right choices if he wants the New York Jets to be successful.

If Michael Vick does become a Jet, that will signal the end for Mark Sanchez in New York. Due to suffering from a shoulder injury Sanchez missed all of last season, but he is still set to gain 9.6 million for the 2014 season whether the Jets cut him or not. So it will be interesting to find out what happens this weekend when Michael Vick visits the NY Jets.

[ image via soraspy.com ]