Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Found? Indian Techie Spots 777 On Satellite Image Of Andaman Islands

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have been found thanks to the keen eye of an Indian techie.

Anoop Mahdav Yeggina is an IT analyst from Gachibowli, who in his spare time this week was going over DigitalGlove Satellite images. He was looking at one of the Andaman Islands — which is within the large swatch of the globe where the plane may have disappeared — when he spotted a 777 flying low to the ground.

The image was from March 8, the same day that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing from radar.

Anoop loaded the picture and made a write-up for the CNN website, in which he explained why he believed he found Malaysia Airlines flight 370:

“I am confident that the image is that of the missing plane because of many reasons,” he wrote. “First giveaway is the fact that the image was captured just above a forest and very close to the Shibpur air strip of Andaman Islands. The air strip is exclusively used by the defence forces with no permission for civilian aircraft in this area. A close look at the image will reveal if it is flying extremely low so much so that the clouds are above it which suggests it was done to avoid detection by radar. Most importantly, the standard scale measurement and colour of the missing plane matches with that of the plane in the image.”

Others believe they have spotted the missing Malaysian flight. Islanders in the Maldives have reported spotting Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flying over their rooftops on the day it went missing. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean nearly 2,000 miles from Kuala Lumpur, which would put it at the outer edge of the search range.

While the Indian techie believes that Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been found, the final resting place of the plane remains a mystery, and more than two dozen nations are now in on the search effort.