Lil Wayne: I Accidentally Shot Myself While Listening To Notorious B.I.G.

Lil Wayne definitely has a sense of humor about himself.

The rapper recently attended the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, an event that included a chat with Jimmy Kimmel. Instead of spending all of his time hyping up the release of Tha Carter V, Weezy decided to share a few gun-related scenarios with the audience.

In addition to discussing the time a female fan fired a few gunshots in his general direction, Lil Wayne revealed that he accidentally shot himself while listening to Notorious B.I.G. as a teenager. While the music video for “Big Poppa” played in the background, Lil Wayne decided to strike a few thuggish poses in the mirror. That’s when the whole thing went down.

“My a** was tryin’ to be hard, lookin’ in the mirror, trippin’ and it went off,” the rapper explained, adding that it didn’t take long for police to show up at his place.

Weezy added, “I gathered myself and I slid on my own blood ’cause we had wooden floors, thank God. I used the floor and I slid on my blood and I kicked the door and they heard me kick the door and they opened the door.”

According to the New York Daily News, Lil Wayne also took a moment to discuss the time one of his female fans took some shots at his tour bus. When Kimmel asked the rapper about his craziest encounter with a fan, he recalled the time his life was in serious danger.

“It was after a show, and she was just very persistent. We didn’t actually know what she wanted. It’s a good thing we didn’t figure it out,” Lil Wayne told Jimmy. The situation understandably spooked the driver, who started swerving the bus.

He continued, “I was standing up by the window and gunshots went of and [the driver] was like ‘It was the girls!’ We weren’t paying them no mind. We was all hype, and we was dancin’. We were more upset at him ’cause we was like, ‘You gon’ kill us.'”

Fortunately for fans of the rapper, Lil Wayne managed to escape all of these near-misses with his life intact. Weezy is all set to release Tha Carter V, an album that could serve as his last solo effort. However, only time will tell if he intends to stop recording new music once the record hits retail shelves.

Are you a fan of Lil Wayne? What do you think about all the rapper’s gun-related troubles?