Justin Bieber Studio Life: Previews New DJ Mustard Song

Justin Bieber, DJ Mustard. It’s happening people.

Everyone’s favorite Canadian is living that studio life in Toronto after a diabolical deposition and loved-up weekend with Selena Gomez, and has just previewed his upcoming musical meet with hip-hop hitmaker DJ Mustard.

Bieber’s Instagram video — revealed a dark diffused blue studio with a mix desk lit up like NASA control — and the 20-year-old getting his club on to a DJ Mustard track that’s possibly called “Turn Up,” but don’t hold us to that.

The signature “Mustard on the beat ho!” is heard on the intro to a slow to mid-tempo head-nodder ready-made to drop in intimidating clubs full of of buff guys and gals.

Bieber’s delicate vocal enters with a descending line — “Crazy when you’re in the club you hear your song you ready to turn up” into a repeat on the could-be title before the snippet ends.

But BIeber and DJ Mustard?

Way to cross those pop and hip-hop lines.

But then, Justin’s been crossing genres since he was a nipper. Early R&B YouTube covers segued to working with rapper Ludacris on 2010’s “Baby,” Kanye West and Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon on the gorgeousness that is “Runaway Love,” Big Sean back for more on 2012’s “As Long As You Love Me,” Drake on “Right Here” and Nicki Minaj on “Beauty and A Beat.”

Then, 2013’s Journals album.

Bieber’s uneven but revelatory R&B LP also packed hip-hop collaborations with Lil Wayne, Future, Big Sean and Chance The Rapper.

And so, to 2014.

Sold up and shipped out of Calabasas, California – with just a $85,000 repair bill still to clear — Bieber’s home for the foreseeable is the studio. Which means lots more blue-lit bangerz to come.

Bieber’s Instagram video caption expressed his excitement for the DJ Mustard track, with the caption, “Girls be in the the club like OMG this is my song!!!!! Lol.”

Justin Bieber 'Making Bangerz'

(Photo: Instagram)

A photo from the same studio session, declared, “Best music I’ve ever made,” while another Instavid saw the probably weary star shout out producer Soundz with the instruction to hurry up and get to Toronto because, “We’re making bangers, bro!”

In between 24 hour studio sessions, munchies, music and whatever else, Bieber has been getting seriously inked up after debuting his Bansky “Balloon Girl” tattoo to mixed reviews.

One late night to 5 am session on March 15 resulted in almost half a sleeve on the singer’s right arm.

Bieber’s new body art can be seen in videos below.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Forever Young Ink, “Shouts to Justin Bieber for having us come by the studio to tatt him last night! 5am in Toronto for real, Mar.15.”)

In addition Justin previewed a new piano ballad Life Is Worth Living which many speculate refers to Gomez’s re-entry as love interest.

The couple have recorded a duet titled Unfamiliar,” according to a group of Toronto fans Bieber played it to earlier this week.

Despite a backdrop of legal woes — including a probable incoming charge for an alleged house-egging, a May 5 starting DUI trial, and an assault charge in Toronto — the singer has been putting in face time with fans waiting outside the studio.

From Justin’s social media messages over recent days it seems his focus is firmly on the music.

Just Jared reports fans who Bieber met coming out of the studio on Wednesday, March 19, said the singer told them his new album will make an appearance next year.

As yet, there’s no word on when Justin and DJ Mustard’s track will drop, but when it does it could be a hit.

A selection of impromptu Toronto fans meet pictures from March 19-20.

Justin Bieber And A Fan


Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber Meets Fans


Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber Meeting Fans, March 20

[All fan images via Twitter.]