Erin Andrews Joins DWTS: Can She Save It, Or Is It Too Late?

Erin Andrews started her new job on Monday, co-hosting the 18th season of Dancing With The Stars with Tom Bergeron.

Her performance met with mixed reviews, with some observers questioning her tone and style of speaking which seemed, for some, to better suit her previous sports commentating.

The producers are expecting a lot from Erin, and are hoping that she can help revive the fortunes of this long running show, which is now exhibiting signs of wear – as reflected in its ratings.

In the U.K. where the show originated – it’s called Strictly Come Dancing over there – the BBC has already announced that it’s pulling the plug; it has decided that the show has reached its “sell by” date.

Back here, the DWTS fans have still to recover from the ignominious firing of former co-host, 42-year-old Brooke Burke-Charvet. Her contract was suddenly terminated for no obvious reason, and she was extremely bitter about it, as we reported in The Inquisitr at the time.

So Erin Andrews,35, had quite an act to follow, and to prove that the producers had made the right choice.

Andrews speaks like an experienced announcer, and is very sure of herself – almost to the point of bluntness. To be fair, this was her first night and she didn’t show any signs of nervousness.

Another major change in the show’s format was the new, smaller band. The previous band were fired, together with the bandleader, at the same time as Burke-Charvet.

Later in the season there will be a change to the rules, which will allow viewers to decide if the stars should switch partners.

Whether these changes will have any long term effect on the ratings is questionable.

For Erin Andrews it’s a major career change, and she has a lot of responsibility resting on her shoulders.