Souris River Crests, Floods 4000 Homes In Minot North Dakota

Flooding along the Souris River on Sunday flooded 4,000 homes in Minot, North Dakota when the river crested after reaching levels not seen in 130 years.

City officials warned residents that the rivers levels were expected to remain at dangerous levels for several days with official forecasts predicting that the river would fall almost 2 feet by Wednesday.

11,000 citizens were evacuated from the area with many citizens helping one another pack up their belongings for safe keeping, while other nearby residents offered their homes to displaced Minot citizens and provided them with food and any other help they could provide. Only several hundred residents had to rely on temporary shelters at Minot State University and City Auditorium.

City officials in Minot also said that the water treatment plant was having issues that caused the state Department of Health to issue a boil water order to all residence to avoid bacteria in their drinking water.


Our best wishes go out to the citizens of Minot as they await the ability to return to their homes and begin the cleanup process.