Eating Disorder? Teen Claims She Can't Eat Anything Except Spaghetti

Asher Bayot

Eating disorder, or just a teen who hates her veggies? Meet Leah Frost, a teenager from UK who claims she can't eat anything except canned spaghetti.

The teenager says she cannot eat any other food aside from canned spaghetti and that she becomes anxious and afraid whenever she's offered other types of food.

According to Frost, she started to have this disorder as a child.

She says that her eating disorder has taken a toll on her social life, adding that she found it difficult to hang out with her friends who had different eating habits.

Her mother, Yvonne, said she has tried so many ways to encourage her daughter to eat healthier, even including therapy. She says none of them have worked so far on Leah's bizarre eating condition.

However, many question the real nature of her eating condition especially after Leah admitted to the Mirror that she can actually eat something else aside from spaghetti.

According to 17-year-old Frost, the only other foods tolerable to her are equally unhealthy high carb foods such as chips, bread, cheese, and sponge cake.

But she says that she can only eat particular types of chips or cheese; those that do not make her feel anxious or scared.

Despite her extremely unhealthy eating pattern of high salt and fat content, Frost is slender and exhibits a healthy body shape.

According to LiveScience, Frost's possible eating condition has an official name: Selective Eating Disorder. This pathological "picky eating" is currently only recognized by a handful of specialists, who believe that the condition afflicts thousands of people around the world.

People with Selective Eating Disorder find it difficult to eat food that are usually served to adults, opting for food a 4 year old might prefer. Steaks, fish or most adult food are usually rejected by those with this type of disorder,.

People with this eating condition suffer from great stress and anxiety whenever forced to eat food they don't like.The disorder may even bring adverse effects on a sufferer's lifestyle. Bob Krause, a 63-year-old man who claims to have Selective Eating Disorder, says that his condition has ruined two marriages, career opportunities and multiple social occasions.

According to specialist Nancy Zucker of Duke University, people who have this eating condition aren't just being stubborn. She says that those who suffer from it have significantly different food experiences than the rest of us.

However, many are still skeptical of this particular condition. Selective Eating Disorder is currently not listed in the DSM-V.

[Image from Michael Verhoef via Flickr]