What’s next for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

It has been 581 days since Frank and Jamie McCourt filed for divorce throwing the ownership situation of the Los angels Dodgers into complete chaos. I don’t know which is sadder that it takes that long to get divorced, or that it seems their divorce proceedings is longer than many other marriages. Now the Dodgers sit days away of reportedly not being able to make payroll, and a possible seizure by Bud Selig and Major League Baseball. Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles times breaks down what could be looming for this team.

It seems highly likely this will be yet another prolonged legal fight. We all know the deal here, when people, organizations and sports league get involved in protracted legal fights the only winners are the lawyers who get a little more rich. The fans of teams and leagues always lose as their favorite teams and or players get bogged down by legal proceedings. It really is a lose-lose proposition for all of us.

McCourt has a couple of options here. He could continue the chaos and take the Dodgers into bankruptcy court (a move that worked out very well for the Phoenix Coyotes, NOT), but he would likely have a hard time convincing a judge there that he should remain in control. He could challenge the assertion that MLB can seize his team, or he could try to hold them hostage since a separate company he owns controls much of the land surrounding Dodger stadium.

McCourt could also sue MLB, and file an injunction to try and prevent Selig from selling the club. Again, he would have to prove that not only can he win that lawsuit, but that he should remain in control of this team. Since that seems unlikely at this point, maybe he should negotiate a settlement with MLB and simply sell the team. That would be best, not only for him but for Dodger fans as well.

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